Wednesday at 3:18 AM
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Holly Wilmeth
Wednesday at 3:13 AM
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Constantin Meunier, Ophelia


(lana del rey voice) vitamin

lalondes: top three fave things about living the queer girl life


  1. making boys cry and get all embarassed bc i am in charge
  2. leather jacket solidarity 
  3. hipbones 
Tuesday at 11:39 PM
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Ali Michael by Petra Collins for Oyster #104
A bad bitch never hates on another bad bitch. If you see a bad bitch and you know you’re a bad bitch, why hate? Send her a Chanel bag.
Tuesday at 11:19 PM
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Blood Moon gif stabilized and slowed.
Tuesday at 11:08 PM
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Summer Corset
The Victoria & Albert Museum


by all means call out john green on his bullshit don’t stand for one bit of it but while you’re at it don’t throw the 13 year old girls who read his books under the bus with him for crying over fictional boys and photoshopping flower crowns onto things and blogging about their social anxiety protect them at all fucking costs


me and my friends asked to act casual for a picture


<---DONT REMOVE---->